The Herbalife weight management programme explained

The Herbalife weight management programme explained

I receive many questions about the Herbalife weight loss programme via whatsapp or e-mail.

Therefore I shall try to explain the programme as simple as possible:

How does the Herbalife weight management programme work

The Herbalife programme is a meal replacement programme :

Instead of eating "normal" 3 times a day, you take

For healthy and tasty recipes go to:

How to prepare a shake

You can prepare the Herbalife shake with 250 mL of semi-skimmed or skimmed milk / soya milk / low-fat (drinking) yogurt / cottage cheese or fruit juice.

In addition, it is important that you drink a lot (2 L, 8 glasses) of water (you should NOT count coffee or light soft drinks).

Light snacks

Eat no more than three light snacks in between meals.

Hungry ?

Do you get hungry in between? Then take a piece of fruit, or a rice cake or, for example, a cup of soup.

Feel how your body reacts to the snacks.
Some snacks are low in calories, but disrupt your blood sugar levels. This means that you will continue to be hungry.
In that case it is wise to replace that snack with a healthier alternative.

The Herbalife Proteïn Bars contain a lot of vitamins and are therefore a nutritious snack.

Do you want something for the evening? Then take raw vegetables (carrots, cucumber, tomato, strawberries).

Why can you lose weight with Herbalife ?

When you follow this programme you will consume around 1,250 kilo calories, with a large part of the essential nutrients inside.
Compare this with the amount of kilo calories you burn every day and your body will take the difference from your fat reserves, causing you to lose weight.

Weighing and measuring on a weekly basis.
Do not step on the scale every day. Weight fluctuates daily. Sometimes you retain moisture and appear heavier. Take a fixed moment in the week and then stand on the scales. The best moment for this is in the morning after your toilet visit.

Measure yourself too!
People tend to stand on the scales daily. 

But that is ultimately not the point. What you want is to become slimmer. 

And for that, it is important that you measure the size of your waist, belly etc. on a weekly basis. 

If you see that it shrinks weekly, you remain motivated. More motivated than seeing how the balance indicates something different every time.

Other important tips when losing weight:

  • Feeling hungry? Then eat as much raw food as you can eat (carrots, cucumber, strawberries)
  • Do not drink extra milk, fruit juice etc.
  • Stop consuming empty calories such as candy, snacks, alcohol, pizza, chips, etc. The body does not use this and stores it as fat.

Guidance and support
My customers mainly opt for convenience: cheap and fast delivery.

However, if you want a consultation before ordering Herbalife you can contact me 24/7.

Exercise at least a half hour a day. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn and therefore the faster you will reach your weight goals.

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